Image by Greg Nunes


Miracle Film Festival

Miracle Film Festival was founded by Bill Ulrich (Rainbow Bill) after a series of extraordinary experiences inspired him to share other people's and organizations' miracles with the world. The film festival is completely free to submit to, in all categories, and we offer thousands of dollars in prizes (including at least one Canon C100 Mark II Cinema Camera).

This event will be hosted by a pending, Cape Coral-based 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization called the "Rainbow Movement."

Though our festival accepts and streams entries of any kind, we are predominantly searching for artwork that showcase either people's extraordinary, unbelievable experiences, or charitable causes and non-profit organizations that are worthy of donation. For this reason, Miracle Film Festival loves documentaries! We also welcome amateur films or videos from people that may lack technical knowledge but want to showcase a positive initiative - we may be able to help in certain cases! Our goal as an organization is to bring exposure to everyday miracles, raise money for worthy causes, and celebrate the beautiful medium of film.