We are proud to announce our selections for 2020-2021 Miracle Film Festival. The winner of our festival and recipient of our grand prize (Canon c100 Mark ii Camera) is Hope Unleashed, A Journey of Healing by Tula Asselanis.


  • The Lost Piano by Vlas Igor (4m)

  • Physician's Reward by Kari Paasonen (5m)

  • Kids of Kollengode by Sagar Narula (3m)

  • Leave it All Behind by Paul Santoli (16m)

  • Luci: The Girl with Three Hearts by Katina Bitscicas (8m)

  • Hatching Brighter Futures by Jonathan Galland (1m)

  • El Viaje De Mi FVida by Andres Camara (7m)

  • Caught in Quicksand by Marty Novitsky (3m)

  • Rainbowland by William Ulrich (60m)

Image by Krists Luhaers